Concerts at the Outdoor Theater

Friday, 3 June

19:30-20:30 Open Stage by accordionists and ensembles.

20:45-21:30 “Rembetiki Dance Music Performance” by the folklore group “Pentaschinos” Agios Theodorou, Larnaca.

21:45-22:30 “Tribute to Old Cinema” with Angelos Doukas(Accordion), Angelos Michailoudis (Percussion), Angelos Cheipeloglou (Guitar) and Irene Antoniou (Vocals).

22:45-23:45 The band Duo Fueye, with Iraklis Vavatsika(Accordion and Bandoneon) and Chryssa Hadjiantoniou(Accordion).

Saturday, 4 June

20:00-20:45 Music Moments Accordion Band together with TangoAmor Dance School.

21:00-22:00 On the Accordion, the French Accordionist, Arthur Bacon and on Guitar, Mael Goldwaser.

22:15-23:30 Renowned Accordionist from Greece, Zoe Tiganouria, (Accordion) with her own compositions and music from around the world, the Greek Stelios Generalis(Percussion) and renowned Cypriot Vocalist, Vasiliki Anastasiou.

Sunday, 5 June

18:00-19:30 All accordionists to be divided into groups throughout the village to welcome musicians and to later join in streets of village to end at the Open Theater and play altogether.

19:45-20:00 YOUNG VOLUNTEERS Choir from StrovolosMunicipality “We are Singing for a Cause” accompanied by piano and accordion.

20:15-20:45 Symphonic Band of Strovolos Municipality-European University Cyprus.

21:00-22:00 Trio Rondine Band with Pavlina Konstantopoulou (Guitar/Voice), Antreas Papapetrou(Accordion/Piano/Voice), Maria Zanettou (Mandolin).

Entrance fee per day: €5

Entrance fee for 3 days: €10

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